Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The girls are doing well. They are eating good and growing lots (or is it eating lots and growing good?) We have tried baby biscuits with them. They really enjoyed them. I was surprised to see that they knew what to do with them. A couple weeks ago we gave them baby puffs and they didn’t completely get the idea. I just think they were too small of a piece of food. The only thing about the baby biscuits is that Maxine thinks they are dog biscuits and thinks the girls are eating her treats. It is quite funny.

Samantha and Sandra are really getting around. They roll, scoot and do whatever it takes to go places. I am constantly rescuing them from places. Sandra gets caught under the recliner and Samantha is constantly under a baby swing. It is a good thing that Josh put down the rest of the foam mats because Samantha scooted into the hallway. Makaila and Hannah are content with where we put them. They are all interacting so much with each other. They talk to each other, hold hands, roll over each other, get feet and legs tangled up, steal toys and pacifiers and just have a great time together.

We had the baby proofer proof our house. He did the appropriate gates, door latches, security doors, electrical outlets and cabinet latches. So we are as ready as we can be for when the girls are very mobile. I think having the girls downstairs except to sleep has worked out for the best.

We took the girls to Target last week. It went well until we were mobbed by the workers and we had to make a quick escape to another part of the store. Can’t we just do our shopping and not answer a ton of questions? The girls did amazing though. I am trying to get out a couple times a week while we can, since it is not flu season. It has been extremely hot here these days so we go out early after their morning bottle and are back before their lunch.

As for an update on me, I start my bladder shock treatments tomorrow. I have found a different Urologist and hope I get better care at the new office. However they can’t see me until August 5th. My symptoms are no different with my bladder. I still have numb tingly arms and legs and blurred vision (so please excuse the errors). Each day right now I am thankful I survived until Josh gets home from work, as he went back to work this week. Josh and I are counting the days until G Ma comes back for a visit!

The girls have their 9 month birthday on Friday. Can you believe it? They are getting so big and grown up! They will be celebrating at the pediatricians. They will not be getting shots this time but will be getting complete blood work ups to make show (sure) they are doing good.

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Kelly Trullinger said...

They look beautiful. It's funny, the things I read on your blog are things my kids did not long ago. They grow so fast don't they?