Sunday, June 7, 2009

Need Prayers, Overdue Update

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I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us! I first want to say that the girls are all doing amazing. Yes, G Ma is back. We did not expect her until August when Josh will be out of town for work. However, things happen and we had to call on her. I have not been feeling well for awhile now. I have been to the ER and MANY doctors appointments. Long story short something is wrong. The main issue is my bladder which has been in severe spasms for over two months now. Last week other muscles started to spasm and I feel weak. The pain and weakness got to the point where I was afraid to be home during the day with the girls. I hope to get some answers soon as I had some tests done last week. But getting results and answers are sometimes difficult. I want answers yesterday so I can plan for the future. So please pray that we get answers fast and can deal with what is ahead. If there are any HOM moms that had a similar situation after delivery I would love to hear from you!

Alright, to the girls, which I know you all want to know. They are stinking adorable. They are great medicine for me right now. They started imitating us (esp. blowing raspberries), stealing toys and pacifiers from others and make noises for a reaction from us. It is hilarious. They enjoyed the kiddie pool. Heck they all just enjoy life. We are so fortunate; they are all such happy babies.

Last weekend we got brave, real brave. We took them to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch. We got there when they opened and left before it got super busy. They did so well that we took G Ma there today. We left them in their quad stroller and they just played and had a great time. It was so nice to get out of the house and not go to a doctors appointment or the grocery store. Plus, it had been a long time since Josh and I were out at the same time, together.


Misty said...

I sending you HUGE hugs! I did not have that problem, but I will send a message out to see if anyone else has.
Please let me knwo if I can do anything. I will be in Katy next weekend if you want to try & meet up, but if you have to much going on I understand.
Again, hugs & prayers are on their way!

Debbie said...

What a wonderful video! I love it! It makes me feel like I am there with you all! You all look like you are off to a great start for the summer! The swim suits are just too adorable and Teri you look great. Hope you get some answers for your bladder spasms soon!

Love you all, Deb

Anonymous said...

Your video of Josh in his uniform and the babies is great and now this video of the family!!! wow!
I so enjoyed every moment. Thank you for taking the time to share such precious moments with us and let us know what is going on with all of you. I hope Terri will find all the answers she needs soon. God bless!!
Aunt Linda

Lil Mama said...

Wow. Terri you look soo good. I hope you get your bladder situation fixed. I will pray for you.
The girls are so cute. I love the pictures.