Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I say this a lot but this last week has been so busy for us. After having the girls in the kiddie pool and them loving it, we decided to go bigger. We bought a 20 foot above ground pool. Josh and I absolutely love being in the water and want the girls to grow up around the water. Maybe next year we can get back in our boat and wake board again. Our friends Jose and Michelle came over with their two boys and helped us set up the pool. Thank you so much guys! It was a very hot day here and it was a lot of work. So after the first night of Josh, G Ma and I trying out the pool we headed to the ER. Yup, this time Maxine our dog had a very swollen face and was in a lot of pain. The belief is that she got bit by a snake. They tested her blood and she had no venom so luckily it was a dry snake. She is on pain meds, steroids and an anti inflammatory. She seems to be afraid of the backyard now. The poor girl!

Since we had a good time in the pool we decided to let the girls go for a swim the next night. We waited for shade to hit the pool so it meant that they had to stay up a little late. It was well worth it! They all loved it! Yes it is added work and they have to have a bath/rinse down after but to see their smiles while in the pool is worth all the extra work. Thankfully G Ma is still here and helped out our first time.

The girls’ new refrigerator/freezer died again. This is where all their bottles and frozen baby food is stored. I am not happy about it. Last time it took three weeks to get the repairs done. That is three weeks of hand making each bottle for each feed. I hope we get it fixed faster this time. This Friday I am having surgery again. Apparently, a rare percentage of people that have a cerclage (the sewing of my cervix that helped me carry the girls for 30 weeks and 1 day) can have medical issues. So the hope is that if I have it removed, my bladder will be fixed. Thank you Lynn for all your help, even in a last minute notice, during all of my appointments and surgeries.

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Debbie said...

Is there room for Aunt Debbie in that pool??????????? That looks like sooooo much fun. They are naturals in the water! And with the heat over there, I bet it felt GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!

Luv Aunt Debbie

Anonymous said...

I hope your surgery will go well and you'll be up and about feeling great! The pool is such a great idea, especially for cooling off and a little water excercise. Has G-ma gotten the pool bug yet? The babbies are getting even more adorable, if that's possible. Hope Maxine is doing much better.
Aunt Linda

Katherine said...

Wonder where you got the pool idea?