Thursday, April 2, 2009

A week of firsts

Sisters being entertained; waiting for bath time.

They really enjoy being close together.

Hannah has been less fussy lately and her smile is beautiful!

Maxine loves to lay by the girls! I am constantly trying to stop her from licking them.

Samantha and Makaila watching TV. Usually there is a row of all four watching.

Makaila and Daddy studying finance. Good job Daddy on keeping up the great grades through all this craziness!

Daddy entertaining all four while Mommy makes bottles.

Alright, I know it has been a while since the last post. But believe it or not, we have been busy. So, we have a few updates. The girls are all doing awesome. It is so fun to see them change so much and do new things. Samantha actually is starting to pick up toys to play with. Sandra will play with one if you hand it to her. It is so cute! They are starting to acknowledge each other and give each other smiles.
We have changed our schedule a bit. But, lets mention a few firsts first. The girls started eating cereal from a spoon. Maybe I should say attempt rather than eat. Another first is that they are all drinking apple juice now. So the new additions changed our schedule and make for a very busy day.
7:30 am change and feed Sandra
7:45ish change and feed Makaila, Hannah and Samantha
8:30 swing time
9:15 floor time (tummy and back time)
10:00 apple juice for all four
10:15 change and feed Sandra
10:15 morning nap for girls, chores for mom
11:15 prevacid for Makaila and Hannah
11:30 Change all four
11:45 feed all four rice cereal
12:00 all four get bottles
12:30 play time
1:00 afternoon nap
2:00 feed and change Sandra
This time of day is when I get the most done (that is if everyone co operates). I blog, finish up dishes, grab a bite to eat, go potty and get ready for the rest of the day.
3:45 change and feed all four
After this feed they are awake and ready for action for the rest of the day. It takes everyone around to entertain them. This is also when we make bottles for the next 24 hours.
6:00 apple juice for all four
6:15 feed and change Sandra
If weather permits we go for a 30 minute walk at this time. Otherwise, you might see us acting a little silly entertaining the girls.
7:00 bath time
7:30 feed and change all four then to bed
quiet time for mommy and daddy. Usually involves catching up on our favorite TV shows. Thank you DVR!
10:30 feed and change all four.
They now sleep through the night until their next feeding at 8:00 am. It is so nice to be able to go to bed and stay there until the morning. We are very fortunate!
Remember two to three times a week (usually at 10:00) we have physical therapy, occupational therapy and any other visits for the girls at the house. This week we only had one doctors visit. It is impossible to keep their necks dry! They are constantly drooling. Hannah got an infection on her neck. So, during every diaper change Makaila, Hannah and Samantha also get either an ointment or powder on their necks. Just one more thing to do. Sandra has a long skinny neck so she does not seem to have a problem. We stopped Hannahs's Reglan for reflux and she seems to be doing great. Sandra has not rolled over any more. But they are all getting better at holding their heads up.
Samantha is still scheduled for the 14th for her PDA closure. And Makaila has an appointment next week for her vocal cord damage. The last ENT wanted to have her sedated and scoped but he didn't have the capability to do it. So, we are starting over with a different doctor. G Ma is still here and helping out. We all appreciate her! The girls just love their Grandma.


Anonymous said...

wonderful and very newsy update.. you will note absence of caps...typing with one went great. loved all the picts as usual...what kind of grades does makaila get ... or is she just the page holder i echo cudos to josh...can't be easy with the crazy schedule...know he geys lots of help from al his family. thank you debbie for being there to help. hugs and kisses all around

manana and papa

Nick & Kelly said...

How are you getting them to sleep until 8am? My first 2 get up at 5:15 and 5:30 the longest one sleeps until 7-7:30. What are you doing? Email me in! Apple juice? Where have I been?

Debbie said...

So happy to see the new pictures and get the new updates. Real food now! they must love that. They all look so great. Every time there are new pictures, I have mixed feelings, happy to see them, but remember how much I miss them! Kiss them all, (after whiping off Hanah' drool of course) 8),

Love Auntie Debbie