Thursday, April 23, 2009

The girls go green!

Yes, I know St. Patrick's Day is over. But we decided to go green! Since we are celebrating the Earth this week we wanted to make a change. No, I am not going to go out and plant 100 trees. Yes, I have done that in the past. We are no longer going to use our recycle bin as a storage bin. I used to say I don't have time to sort and recycle. Well, I started to think about what we use that could get recycled. I guess when you start to have children you think different. And a lot different if they come four at once. We are already frugal about our electricity and water. We have eco friendly appliances and toilets. I don't mind and in fact enjoy hand me down clothes so it is time to sort the trash and recycle.

Our pastor asked for a picture for Church since they are getting dedicated on Mother's Day. I thought this would be a good one. (Makaila, Hannah, Samantha, Sandra)

Empty now, full very soon!

The girls go green! (Makaila, Hannah, Samantha, Sandra)


Debbie said...

It never fails, whenever I have a really bad day, I say to myself, "I sure could use some love from my little nieces." and I check the blog, and BINGO there they are! so adorable. Samantha? what are you up to with the sneaky little grin? it looks like you might be filling up something mommy and daddy wont be able to recycle! ha ha.

Thank you for the pictures!

Debbie said...

Ok, Auntie Debbie is the one who "messed" up. Makaila, your the one with the sneaky little grin. Maybe tatoos are not such a bad idea after all! Just kidding! Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Love Auntie Deb