Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Where are my ears?

Samantha is bigger than her sisters!

Sweet Sandra!

Silly Samantha!

Cute Hannah!

Precious Makaila!

Sandra found all the eggs!

Beautiful Samantha!

Yesterday I took Makaila to the new ENT doctor. After giving the doctor the history of Makaila's voice troubles, she decided to look at her vocal cords with a camera. Originally I was told that in order to do that she would need to be sedated. When, this doctor just had me hold her for the procedure. They put a camera through her nose to her larynx. Poor Makaila! It was awful seeing her go through it. The good news is that there is no vocal cord damage. There was irritation on the larynx and the doctor saw milk also. It had been 3 1/2 hours since she ate. Apparently, her reflux is still bad. The new belief is that the reflux is causing her lack of voice. I called the pediatrician today and she is now on more medicine to help with the reflux. She will go see ENT again in three months. Thank you Debbie and Lynne for watching the other three while we were gone.
On Monday the school district came out to visit Makaila since she was diagnosed with ROP. She passed all her vision tests with flying colors. However, due to her age she needs to be reevaluated in six months. Samantha continues to have physical therapy which she hates. It is hard for me to see her so upset on those days since she is usually the happiest of the bunch. Hannah and Sandra had occupational therapy this week and are doing great.

They are all growing and developing so much, it makes us proud! They are so much more alert and playful now. Makaila and Hannah are doing the best with spoon feeding. They are now actually opening their mouths in anticipation. Sandra is starting to get the idea and Samantha would prefer to skip it and get a bottle. We introduced the jumperoos this week and they were a big hit. Samantha is atually grabbing at the toys on it.
We hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

cutest bunnies i've ever seen. did sandra eat her bunny ears?
the size difference is amazing.


papa and manana

Lil Mama said...

Cripes! Those are some cute bunnies. Just think, in a couple years your girls are all going to be running around and eating cake and icecream. I am sure it'll be like they never had any problems at all.
Have a great Easter.

Cochran Quads said...

PRECIOUS!! And I'm a little partial to Sandra and Hannah! AWESOME Names!!!

Debbie said...

Looks like the girls all loved their first Easter celebration! And mommy is turning into quite the photogropher! Adorable pictures! We had a great Easter weekend, now it is back to work and school. I know Samantha's procedure is tomorow and we are all praying very hard for her. Lets us know how it goes when you get a chance. I know it will be a crazy day for you all.

Love Auntie Debbie

brittany said...

The girls are getting so big! Thanks for the letter and pictures you sent!

Building Life in AK said...

What a special Easter this must have been for you guys.
We will keep everyone especially covered in prayer tomorrow for the surgery.
Thinking of you all.

Misty said...

Those bunny pics are great! I will be keeping your little one in my prayers today! And some for you too :)
We did make it to houston, but got there REALLY late (like the next day!) and then left early with the weather. It was crazy & the girls were so grumpy! Should be down there again soon & hopefully alittle more relaxed without all of the holiday stuff!