Friday, October 31, 2008

Who is Who?

Alright, here is just a little proof that Hannah and Makaila look like their Daddy. Good luck trying to tell them all apart! Ha Ha!
All the girls are doing really well. Makaila came off of nasal cannula today and she is breathing on her own. She is up to 27 ml of food every three hours, and they are thinking about letting her try breast feeding as early as tomorrow! Teri is so excited she can barely stand it.
Hannah is still on nasal cannula, but she is getting really close to coming off of it again. She was trying very hard to suck on Teri's finger this evening so she should not be very far behind Makaila. She is up to 22 ml of food every three hours, and she starts getting real fussy when feeding time comes around.
Samantha is also on nasal cannula, but her breathing is very strong. We think she will come off of it again next week. She was off of it for a solid three days until her incident with the IV. We think that while she has been fighting off the infection caused by that chemical burn she took a step back. However, she is eating 24ml of food every three hours and gaining weight.
Sandra is on CPAP still, but the episodes (called Brady's) where she forgets to breathe are becoming few and far between. She has only had one today compared to about seven yesterday. She is up to 6ml of food per feeding, and tolerating it very nicely. She is now up to 1lb 13 ounces.
We really enjoyed spending our first Halloween with all of them, but it gets harder and harder to be at home without them. We hope all of you had a Happy Halloween, but please don't eat too much candy!


christie said...

We were just sitting here looking at the pics of your 4 beautiful girls. We can't believe how tiny they are. So happy they are healthy and doing well. Congrats again. Can't wait to meet them in person.
Christie and Cathy

Anonymous said...

The girls look sooooo good! You can really tell that they are thriving! 17 more days until I get to meet them in person!!!! Hope you are healing fast Teri, cant wait to get over there to help out! How exciting!

Love Deb

Anonymous said...

I got an update from Mom last night. I know that no matter how prepared the Dr's and the NICU staff prepare you for set backs, it is never easy to see your children hurt. Today is a new day, covered in Prayers! and the girls will bounce back! They have already proven to us they have strong wills and are real fighters! Hang in ther guys!

Love Deb

Stanford and Sara Longan said...

They do, they do!! Wow the twins look just like Josh, and I love it! Thank youf or sharing, and we are all witing for more look-alike shots.