Saturday, November 7, 2009


The four girls helping in the kitchen! Yeah right!

Success! Now with the cabinet empty Samantha finds a great place to hide from the others!

Samantha and Hannah reading a book!

The four girls chatting about the weird green stuff they are sitting on!

Mommy and the girls (and one boy cat) recoving from a crazy few days!

Wednesday I got a call from the prosthetics to inform me that Samantha and Makaila are progressing well. However Sandra has not grown while in helmets. She may be in hers longer than the others. I was worried since she can not wear hers right now afraid that we’d miss a growth spurt. He said that the body will use it’s energy to fight her dots and not grow right now. Once she is better, her energy will go back to growing! We are still having to keep Benadryl in her system but she is gradually looking better!

Thursday morning I brought a sleep deprived hungry Makaila to the hospital for her sedated CT Scan. While getting her out of the Yukon an ambulance was trying to pass us so I was in a hurry. I tripped holding her and fell on my rear into the street. On the way down Makaila hit her head. It could have been worse but she got a large goose egg on her forehead and I got whip lash. As soon as I got her inside I asked for ice! They informed me that they could not sedate her because of her injury. My girls have tiny veins so it took a few tries to get an IV in. The hard part was seeing her crying but she actually was being a brave girl. She was so exhausted from that she just laid on the CT Scan bed wrapped like a Mummy and strapped down.

Friday we got her results! Her scan was normal EXCEPT inflammation on her forehead! I was so excited but had to chuckle that the goose egg was mentioned in the results. She needs PT to help straighten her neck and stretch the muscles. It was the same doctor that sees Samantha for her hearing loss. Josh explained what had happened on Monday when she did not get her hearing test. The hospital wanted to reschedule for Jan/Feb. The nurse was not happy. Two hours later I got a call to schedule Samantha for Wednesday for a sedated ABR. Yeah! So excited but am shuffling to get it arranged!

Our pedi called and asked if we were staying in this weekend. I told her “Yes” and she said “Good”!
P.S. Good news! I got an early Birthday present today! Josh got me a new camera that will take great pics! I am excited! So after I read the manual on how to use it I will practice on the girls! Great pics are just around the corner!


Building Life in AK said...

I get dizzy, just reading some of your posts. Maybe you shouldn't read after posting, you seem dizzy enough :( Sorry to hear that you guys fell, but I am so thankful the scan results were normal. Poor little polka dot baby, hope it clears soon.
Love from Auntie, to our sweet girls.

Anonymous said...

Loved the blog. It exhausted me all over again. Miss the girls and their shenanegans. Can't wait to see results of experimentation on the new camera.


Papa and Manana

Anonymous said...

SOOO glad that hear that Makaila's test results were good... other than a goose egg :-) Love all the pics. Hope this next week goes SO much smoother than the last week! Take care!

Lil Mama said...

Wow, I totally agree with Sara. I get dizzy reading your post. Glad every thing seems to be going well these days.

Debbie said...

wow, did I hear you right? you fell on your rump and got whiplash! not gonna say a thing! :)

you deffinately seem busier than you usual business of raising quads. I love the pics of them playing in the kitchen. Brings back very fond memories of my kids doing the same thing.

miss you all! cant wait for the next round of pictures!

love Deb.