Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great news!

It seems like forever since the last post because so much has gone on here. Let’s get to some great news first. Samantha had her ABR (sedated hearing test) on Wednesday. I am so proud of our children. We constantly are being told how well behaved they are. Alright to the results…she has hearing loss in her left ear but no where near the extent that we first thought. I was so excited I could have done a cart wheel in the hospital. She has pressure behind her ear drum and they want to retest in three months. Makaila, Makaila, Makaila…Since her normal CT Scan she has decided to explore! Yes, she is a crawler, she skipped army crawling and went straight to palm and knee crawling. She is more attentive and interactive with her sisters. It is so great to see. Sandra decided to not scare me any more in regards to her teeth. Coming from the dental field I am on these girls teeth like you would not believe. She skipped getting her front teeth and got her laterals. She looked like a vampire. She got one of her front teeth this week. Yeah Sandra, congrats on scaring Mommy!
Food, food, food and more food! The girls eat as if it is their last meal. It is amazing how much they eat. I am constantly either making a meal or cleaning up after a meal. I am fortunate so far, that they eat whatever I make. I hope this lasts for awhile! And no I am not buying eight gallons of milk because it is on sale, it is because that is how much we go through. Our dishwasher gets ran at least two times a day. And clothes…I did eleven loads in two days? Yes, the bigger the girls get the more chores there are! But at the same time the more fun they are! The laughs and giggles are abundant!
All this and and I am 95% finished with Christmas shopping! And Black Friday has not even come yet!

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Jen said...

So glad to hear everything went better than expected!! Oh yeah, and all four of our quads got their vampire teeth first!! Everyone kept telling me it wasn't normal:)LOL

Lil Mama said...

Glad to hear (lol) how the ear test went. I have a friend who's boys got their "vampire" teeth first too. I think it's a more normal thing then people think.

Kimberly & Alex said...

OH MY how they've grown! Glad to hear Samantha's hearing test went well. And mobility? WOW!

Momma said...

That's great news!!

Debbie said...

Wow, lots of great news! They never stop amazing me! Love the snowman ornaments! And I am glad to see they are developing their skills in the kitchen! They can help stuff the turkey! :) Gosh, I miss you all!

have a great weekend!