Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guessng Game

Alright, time to play a game! You are to guess what the girls are going to be for Halloween! Hannah is wearing a hint! I will post the results on Halloween with a picture! Come on and guess by leaving a comment.

In regards to Makaila, she saw the ENT. According to x ray the size should be paltatable and he does not feel any lumps. Anyways, he did scope her in office. There is vocal cord irrtation and thickening. He said to stop reflux medicie and thinks that vocal cords will repair itself and her voice will get better in time. He does want a sedated C T Scan. It is not an emergency and they will call to schedule. With her being so young she has to be under general anesthetic. So we are still playing the waiting game.


Debbie said...

Teri, if you are looking for the hat in this picture, it is in the helmet bag where I hid it. it was freaking me out and keeping me awake with those eyes staring at me in the dark.

p.s. quit talking with your hands! :)

Momma said...

Jason goes - "that baby looks like Josh Duggan" and I was all "that's b/c it's Josh Duggan's baby!" LOL!

How are things going with Makaila? She's in my prayers, I'll give you a call soon.