Thursday, October 8, 2009

4 American Girls

No this is not a late 4th of July picture. However, it is the first picture of all four sitting together. Not the first time just the first time I took a picture. The stars and stripes are because they are 4 American girls and proud of it. When we see a big sale we buy as much as we can in bigger sizes. These are from the after 4th of July sale. I can't pass up a good sale on clearance items. This last weekend I found shirts for $1.74 so I bought a bunch all the way up to size 6. It'll be awhile (several years) but I saved a ton of cash. After Valentines day I found jeans for 25 cents because they had hearts on them. For our family love and American pride is every day not just February 14th and July 4th!


Anonymous said...

How adorable...YANKEE DOODLE DARLINGS...4 OF THEM!!!Can;t get enough of the Red White and Blue ...or them!

Thanks for the patriotic treat!



Misty said...

THey are so cute! I remember the first time I got all 4 to sit & take a pic & now they are about to turn 3! ugh.

Triplets+1 said...

Hey there,
Been silently reading your blog since I spoke to you on the phone back in December.
Your daughters are precious! And you are doing an incredible job!
Its crazy here, with feeding them 3meals a day, all 3 walking, and planning the girls ladybug birthday party.

Eventually, when I get out more, I would love to set up a play date. :)