Friday, August 8, 2008

So Much To Update

First of all, I hit 20 weeks! Yeah! I had an appointment yesterday to see the babies. ha ha They are all still doing good. All their heart beats were strong and steady and they were all very active. Sandra is still measuring smaller than her sisters but is growing and healthy. I gained 5 pounds in 9 days. Thanks Deb for the great cooking. I never thought I'd be excited about gaining weight. hee hee My urine was better but I still need MORE fluids. The doctor is still pleased with how we are all doing! My next appointment which will include a 3 hour ultrasound is on the 19th!

Yesterday the hospital bed arrived also. WOW! It could not make it down our hall and fit in our bedroom so it had to go in the living room. I was given the "Cadillac" of beds. It is made out of parachute material and has about 40 air filled cushions that are adjustable. It also constantly inflates and deflates to help reduce bed sores and help increase circulation. It does help me get up and down. But I still need help getting into bed. We are still learning how to use the bed. Angus LOVES it! He is so funny! He is protective of my belly and wants to lay on it and doesn't like Moo Moo too close to me now. It is weird how animals react differently.

The hospital and doctor have authorized a camera crew in the hospital and during delivery. I am glad about that because I'd like to see the dvd in a year!

I am sad to say that Daddy needs to leave again for 4 days to San Antonio next week. He will be missed AGAIN! Hopefully, this will be the last trip for a while.

In case anyone was worried about Edguardo. We are fine. It was a little iffy at first. We were told to gas up and get supplies ready just in case. So, Josh did! I was most worried about losing electricity. I am a virtual heater these days and didn't want to go without AC or my filtered water. To tell you the truth we were affected wind and rain wise worse with Dolly which was 400 miles away.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for hitting the 20-week mark at home! Sounds like things are going well. Glad that the hospital bed arrived also. I'll be in touch soon so we can catch up. Take care!! --Kim Rains