Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctor's Visit

My mom arrived from out of state on Monday, and Josh's mom left today. Josh and I are so grateful to have such great parents that have really helped out. Thanks Dads for allowing your wives to leave for extended periods.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's visit. All 4 girls are growing and doing well. Sandra now weighs 10 ozs, while the other three weigh 14 ozs each. Sandra is growing but at her own pace. Yes, I am growing and gaining weight at a FAST pace too. They are all very active and have strong steady heart beats. Sandra has been watching the olympics too much. She has been practicing the uneven bars on my ribs. Ouch! After my appointment I had some slight spotting until this morning. I also started up with the stomach issues in the middle of the night again. So, it's constant rest and fluids for now. I have one or two contractions every once in a while, but I am still registering mostly zeros.

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