Thursday, June 26, 2008

14 weeks and Anniversayry

Alright, I think that with the previous posts we are now current.

HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY! Josh's gift to me was to set up this website and a promise statement that he worte for the kids. It was so adorable. I got him 4 St. Louis Cardinals onsies. That really showed my love for him since I am a Giant's fan! But we realized that from now on gifts even for each other will somehow deal with the kids. Today started of with a visit to the ob for a post op check. I was shocked and excited that we got an u/s. We love to see the kids. It is so exciting! Mom has been here visiting from out of state, helping out and has been able to see her grand kids also. We are always wondering what they are! We found out today that Baby C might be a girl! I know that sounds funny but that is what they told us. After the visit, we went to the hospital that we will be delivering at and toured the NICU. We actually felt releived after the visit. It eased some concerns we had about the care the babies will be receiving.

I am still fighting the morning sickness. Nothing seems to help. And trust me we've tried everything! Certain meds even make me more sick. I have been having troubles gaining weight (remember I need to gain 75-100 pounds). But, I must have eaten enough this week because I am seeing numbers on the scale I never thought I'd see. I feel that I am growing by the day! I constantly feeling growing pains. Sleeping at night is not easy these days, the doctor actually wants me to take Unisom.


Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Hot Mamma!

ericwh1 said...

Happy Anniversarrrrrrrrrry you two little love birds. I have witness that it has been a great three years for you two. I so happy for you two. Congrats to your three years of happiness and the fortune of your four children I know you both want this so much. Tons more happy times to come and changing of dipers.

stanford sara said...

I hope you had a wonderful Anniverary! From here on out I am sure they will change dramatically, and be even more full of joy. I love the tummy pics, and can't wait to meet our lil' babies!