Thursday, December 24, 2009


Have you ever wondered how GRANDmas got their name? Two weeks ago I had a bad fall down the stairs. Luckily, I was coming down from carrying the last one up to nap. Once Josh speed home and called 911, I sat there and wondered what I was going to do with the girls. Fortunately, Friends Lynn, Kristen (a fellow quad mom), Jose, Michelle and their two wonderful boys came without hesitation to watch the girls while we were gone. Thank you all for your frienship and support. After explaining our situation to the ER doctor he said I needed help for two weeks.

As soon as we left the ER Josh and I were on the phone to our Mothers (mine in Washington state and Josh's in Missouri). Within 14 hours my mom was on a plane and Josh's Mom got here the following day. They put everything on hold for us (yet again). They came with their sleeved rolled up and smiles on their faces. The girls have been having a great time playing with their GRANDmas. The love is truly amazing. It kills me not to be able to help my girls but Josh and GRANDmas are who I truly appreciate while I am down. The girls are in great hands and enjoy the extra loving hands.

Here we are two weeks after the fall and the orthopedic surgeon said it would be another four weeks until I can care for the girls. I go for a bone scan on Monday as xrays and MRI's show too much swelling for a diagnosis.

My whole point here is that we know that GRAND comes from the everlasting love and that they will do anything and everything in their power to help their grand children. Being military we don't live near family and have a lot of holidays away from them. However, the girls GRANDma put their lives aside and will be here for Christmas. A true present that only can be wrapped with love.

Thank you Manana and G Ma for being GRANDmas.
And Merry Christmas Eve to each and every one of you!

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Building Life in AK said...

This is a very sweet post. The GRANDmas love doing it and we all hope you have a quick road to recovery.
Merry Christmas! We love and miss you guys!