Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling Better, Helmets and More

Some additional pics that didn't fit on montage...Enjoy!

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What have we been up to? Oh so much! Makaila, Samantha and Sandra received their cranial helmets on the Thursday the 3rd. They are the smelliest things ever. The girls hated them at first and it caused for a noisy house. Heck, when isn’t our house noisy? They have adjusted well to them now though!

Two of my fears since I found out we were pregnant with four came down on us on the same day. Last Saturday we went to the store to purchase their next stage of car seats. After months and months of research we chose one that best fit us (we thought that is). They didn’t fit in our Yukon. So, we ended up purchasing a different one. And to be honest four don’t fit rear facing. So Sandra who hasn’t grown out of the infant seat will be in that until the other girls can forward face. It was a good thing that we bought them because that same day they came down with a bug. They all had to sleep (cried and tried to breath) in them for several nights. By Monday night (Labor Day) we decided to take Makaila to the ER. She received a breathing treatment and medicine. Here a week later they are much better but still have runny noses. Josh and I slept (yeah right) in the nursery while they were sick. We sucked snot more than slept. One night Makaila was so congested that she could only rest on my chest in a recliner. I am so glad they feel better now!

We started bathing them all at once in our big tub. They love it! They have so much fun splashing, kicking their feet (and each others feet) and playing with bath toys. It is hard back breaking work but pushed into a smaller amount of time, rather than bathing one at a time. So it works for us! They are getting really good at finger foods. But we I have to vacuum after each snack as they get crumbs every where. I also have to let Maxine outside when they get a snack. I tried giving them a cracker in their jumperoos and exersaucers but they actually put their hands out and feed the dog.

Samantha is starting to try to pull herself up on us and anything around. The car seats came in cool big “L” shaped boxes. The girls loved trying to climb on them and hold on to them and bounce up and down. My Mom bought them a Lady Bug tent and they love to go in and play in it. We have had to remove the glass doors from our entertainment center so we put toys in there and they pull them out and climb inside. Oh what a wonderful life we are living!


jag said...

So sorry they weren't feeling well. Hope things are better now. Our new car seats wouldn't rear face in the 3rd row either! That was a pain, but we managed for a while with the infant seats for the 2 smaller kiddos. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better. I don't know how you do it all. Take care! -Kim

Debbie said...

I am soo glad you all are feeling better; so sorry it took a trip to ER! Would love to see pictures of all girls in the tub together, I crackup just thinking about it. Love the new pictures and cant wait to see you all in real life!

Love Deb

Anonymous said...

Well, as you can see, I finally got the computer back, (check comment 4 on previous blog) now if I can only figure out how to use the stupid thing. I really loved the blog, especially the bath shots. The girls are so adorable can't wait to play with them in October.

Love and hugs

Silly old Manana