Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh money tree, oh money tree!

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Oh money tree, oh money tree; where are you? The girls went to the plastic surgeon today. Yes, they were supposed to go last week and after changing their schedule and loading them up the appointment it was canceled due to the doctor in emergency surgery. At first I was so mad then felt guilty since a poor family was awaiting the results of their sweet angel in surgery. Ok so back to todays appointment. Josh had a meeting to attend and was unable to be home to help. Today I conquered something that I have feared (since my medical issues) for a long time. I got all four girls fed, dressed, ready and the hard part loaded for the appointment. It is very difficult to get two of them in the third seat of our Yukon. Anyways I did it! Sandra, Makaila and Samantha need cranial helmets. Ok not a surprise to us. The surprise comes in when we find out that our insurance does not cover them. I was quoted over the phone $2800 per helmet today. We will make things work but I am going to look darn hard for that money tree. It is a good thing that I can load the girls by myself as I will be probably doing it more often now since they will be seen weekly for six weeks. I just need to find strength in order to load and unload the stroller.

Sunday, I went through the girls clothes and realized we had 82 pairs of shorts and two tee shirts. So, we took the girls to Target to buy some tee shirts. While there I noticed that Samantha had scratched her left eye. So Monday morning I had to take her to the pedi’s office to get some ointment. The scratch was small but irritated her, as she kept rubbing her eye, she poor girl. Another project I did was down load 1702 pictures to cds since my aunt and mother in law recently lost everything on their computers. I would have cried for a month if I had lost all the pictures since 10-17-18.

I am excited that tomorrow is my appointment with the new urologist. I hope that they are able to continue my bladder shocking treatment with little or no break. I am doubtful but also hope that they have more answers for me. The next couple months will be busy for us with lots of appointments. But, if it ain’t busy around here something’s wrong!


Anonymous said...

Loved the picts as usual. What beautiful teeth! The girls are growing snfd learning sooo fast. It's cute seeing them interact with each other and their furry brothers and sister. Can't wait to see them "for reals" in October.

Manana and Papa

Anonymous said...


snfd = "and"

These old fingers don't type so good anymore.


Kimberly & Alex said...

good luck tomorrow with you apt, wishing for some good news (or any news for that matter!).
also good luck with the helmets! hope you find that money tree!!!!!

Jen said...

GEEZ! That is a lot of money. If I find that tree I will send it to you. Well...I might give it a little shake first. LOL Hope everything goes well tomorrow and I do wish I could help with the helmets. Good Luck and God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

Love your last smile box! Those girls light up a room. I miss them terribly. Will call ya next week to see when I can help/visit. Proud of you for packing up all 4 solo!