Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you Manana!

Manana (my mom) hand made these totally cool chewing cloths. The girls have started really chewing on burp cloths and Manana thought the girls needed something better. These have teething rings attached. The girls absolutely love them! Thank you Manana!

Samantha wondering how much drool she can get on this one.

Hannah (L) won't let go of hers and Makaila kept grinning from ear to ear with hers!

Makaila settles in with her new chewy and her thumb!

This is what feeding time looks like at our house! Bottle time used to be so stressful, trying to get them to drink enough to gain weight and not fall asleep. Now you just sit back (or I fold laundry) while they eat.

Aren't little girls so much fun? They love to play with their dresses. We see a lot of belly buttons when they have this kind of dress on. Thank God it is warm here in Texas! Wow I just realized everyone here had socks on - a rarity these days!

Samantha pulling Sandra closer so she can play with her.


Cochran Quads said...


Building Life in AK said...

The latest posts are so precious. They are getting so "big." Bear will have his 2 month appt and will probably weigh what the girls do now ;P
We can see their personalities come through and Roman shreaks "baby" "baby" when we look at the pics.
Miss you tons.
Love and hugs from AK

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing how your precious little ones are growing. May God bless your family and keep you all in health! This Mothers Day will be four times as special, I know you already know that. I can't be there for the dedication but I will keep you all in my heart and I will be thinking of you Sunday.

Aunt Linda

Suzy said...

I have nearly 6-month-old BGBG quads, and I want to know how you got your girls to use those MilkMaids! I've tried to get my kids to use them, and they just look all around and either knock the bottle out or start sucking air. I also have some Podees that I've tried a couple of times, but the results have been hit or miss. I would *love* to cut down on the time I have to devote to feedings! Any advice would be appreciated! :)